A young couple started Kingdom Essences with a passion for wellness and the determination to start a business that would directly benefit the community. Immediately after college, Pema and Kuenga leased an underused government-funded Community Facility at Nubi Trongsa.

With distilling equipment at the facility, and organically grown ingredients sourced straight from local farmers, Kingdom Essences produces essential oils and healing products of the purest quality. The venture is linked to Kabab Organic Farm, which cultivates various herbs, grains, fruits, and vegetables, and practices 100% organic farming.

Our Philosophy

Kingdom Essences is driven by two core values- making use of the goodness of nature and benefitting our community. We promote natural methods of healing, extracting high-quality natural raw materials sustainably, and sourcing our special ingredients from local farmers. We are dedicated to supporting farmers in continuing to practice organic farming. Through our purchase of their high-quality products, we support income generation and encourage the best practices in farming in over 155 households in Trongsa, and beekeepers in Bumthang.