Kingdom Essences is a social enterprise that produces natural essential oils in rural Bhutan.
It is a result of a combination of dreams made possible through the blessed existence of the nation’s King, people, and land.

K.Essences promotes a natural lifestyle through indigenous healing using modern methods. Our medicinal raw materials are either purchased from local rural communities or sustain-ably sourced to produce 100% pure and organic essential oils.


Bhutan was known in ancient times as the land of Medicinal Herbs– the knowledge of the healing powers of Himalayan plants are embedded in legends, and underpin the tradition of indigenous medicine of Bhutan. 

Kingdom Essences distills the ancient wisdom of Bhutanese indigenous medicine, and bottles the potency of unique Bhutanese ingredients into healing essential oils of the purest quality. 


Our essential oils are steam distilled at location in rural Trongsa, with organically grown ingredients sourced from local farmers in the community, or foraged sustainably from community forests.


Essential oils are powerfully used in aromatherapy, massages, and alternative medicine worldwide.

Kingdom Essences distills oils from ingredients that have long known to have healing benefits according to Bhutanese indigenous medicine. 


Kingdom Essences is driven and inspired by two core values- making use of the goodness of nature, and benefitting our community.

Our enterprise marries these values by promoting natural methods of healing, extracting high-quality essential oils from natural raw materials in the most sustainable manner, and sourcing our special ingredients from local farmers. 


We are dedicated to supporting farmers in continuing to practice organic farming, and through our purchase of their high quality produce, support income-generation and encourage best practices in farming in over 155 households in Trongsa, and beekeepers in Bumthang. 


Our products are not tested on animals, and we are developing a conscientious strategy to minimize waste. 


       from a dream to reality...       

Kingdom Essences was started by a young couple with a passion for wellness and the determination to start a business that would directly benefit the community. 
Immediately after college, Pema and Kuenga leased an underused government funded Community Facility at Bjeezam, Trongsa, near Kuenga’s family-owned ancestral land. 
With distilling equipment at the facility, and organically grown ingredients sourced straight from the local farmers, Kingdom Essences produces essential oils and healing products of the purest quality. 
The venture is linked to Kabab Organic Farm, which cultivates a variety of herbs, cereal grains, and vegetables, and practices 100% organic farming.

 Kingdom Essences ® | Nubi Gewog, Trongsa; Bhutan | kingdomessences01@gmail.com